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Hacks Guide Wiki:To-do list

From Hacks Guide Wiki

This is where we can keep a list of things that should be done, such as pages that need creating or adding to.



Once this wiki has "enough content" (whatever that means), before we can start advertising it publicly, we need better page organzation.

  • Index/contents pages? Generally anything someone might want or need to do with hacks. Save backup and restore, transfers, troubleshooting, informational pages, etc. Similar to 3DS:Things to do but that one is more like "here's a list of cool things you can do".

Main Page

A nice Main Page should be made. It should include a simple explanation of what homebrew is, then links to the main guides, the "Things to do" pages, and maybe troubleshooting.

A search box could be put here too.

placeholder=Placeholder text here...

Console introductions

These pages should be like an all-around intro to things about hacking a console. Links to guides on getting hacks set up, links to the "things to do", maybe troubleshooting for when things go wrong...

I'm not sure how necessary these pages are though, if there isn't enough stuff that can't also go on the "Things to do" pages. ihaveahax (talk) 02:52, 18 June 2022 (UTC)

In my opinion they should be the main hub for everything related to the console itself with quick and easy access/links to the most important articles and console related help pages. Could also include highlights from the "things to do" page or apps -zsotroav (Cantact me here!) @ 18:34, 12 August 2022 (UTC)

"Things to do" pages

A simple page that someone new to homebrew/cfw can use to start doing something with their newly-hacked console.

Game pages

I think we should have pages for individual games with lists of mods, save editors, guides, and maybe other things.

I just picked a random assortment of some popular games. Any game with a mod, save editor, useful hacking guide, etc. can have its own page!


Any sort of guides that could be useful, game-specific or not.

Move from main guides

Some pages could be moved from the main guides to here.

Don't actually delete these from the main guide until we think this site is ready.

Move from pins in NH channels

A lot of useful stuff is probably stored in pins in the NH server. Those should be put here for ease of access.

Move from Kurisu commands

Some stuff that's currently in nh-server/Kurisu could also be put here. Look inside assistance-cmds. Like in the next section, any external guides probably could not just be copied here since we may not have permission to do that.

General concepts

Ideas for new pages. Some of these pages already have established guides, which can be used as a reference (but may not be copied directly, depending on permission, and some of them may be out of date anyway)

I think it might be of some use to add a "piracy" page, explaining what piracy is, how to determine if you are a pirate, and why we don't allow piracy talk, sorta like, but with some more detail on how it applies to the wiki and Discord server in specific. Hifinerd (talk) 01:21, 23 September 2022 (UTC)


Wii U


  • Dump guide (here)
  • "What is a patched" page - terms related to this are in the glossary, I was considering a page that went through all models similar to the table in Switchguide:Getting_Started but don't really know how to put it all together


The pages being moved from or might have translations that need to be brought over.

Also pages on how to translate stuff on this wiki need to be made too.


  • Create lots of redirect pages. Someone will probably search things like "Pokemon x" or "Fix black screen" so we should create those pages that point to the right place. This needs some automation too.
  • Make it more obvious that a revision other than the main one is being viewed. Preferably with a MediaWiki hook but JS will probably do.

Project pages

  • Create a page about how game pages should be designed.
  • Create a game template page, so anyone who wants to make a page for a specific game knows where to start.
  • A manual of style for guides, information pages, game pages (though that one already kinda exists).