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If a custom keyboard is installed and custom firmware is removed from the console, System Settings will be inaccessible and you will not be able to launch the keyboard. This is obviously detrimental to the overall functioning of your 3DS and should be fixed as soon as possible.

There are other ways to reinstall custom firmware on such a console, but they may require additional hardware. This guide aims to reinstall custom firmware without any additional hardware, but if you have the means, ntrboot will probably be less of a pain.

Unbricking a 3DS with a custom keyboard installed

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg If you have a copy of any of the following:
  • Your NAND backup (e.g. 220101_AA000000000_sysnand_000.bin)
  • essentials.exefs
  • movable.sed

Then do not follow Section II, as those files should already have your encryption key embedded and you don't need to mine it again.

For instructions on extracting your movable.sed from your NAND backup or from essentials.exefs, see this page.

Section I: Installing Pokémon Picross

If you can't install Pokémon Picross, there's no point following the rest of this guide. If Internet access isn't currently set up, you can set up an Internet connection from Safe Mode as the keyboard will still work there (hold Left Shoulder + Right Shoulder + D-Pad Up + A on boot, then follow its prompts).

  1. Power on your device
  2. Press Left Shoulder + Right Shoulder to open the camera applet
  3. Tap the QR code icon on the bottom left hand corner
  4. Scan this QR code
  5. Follow the prompts to download and install Pokémon Picross

If at any point you're prompted to open the keyboard in the eShop, sorry -- there's nothing we can do.

Section II: Mii mining

Because you can't enter a friend code due to the broken keyboard, you'll need to get your console's encryption key a different way. We can accomplish this by Mii mining.

Follow Mii mining to extract the movable.sed from your console, but do not continue onto the main guide as it suggests. Come back to this page once you have the movable.

Section III: PicHaxx

Now that you have your movable.sed, continue to Homebrew Launcher (PicHaxx).

If everything went well, you should end up with boot9strap installed and the keyboard / System Settings should work again.

OOjs UI icon information-destructive.svg Do not uninstall custom firmware again without guidance. You've now seen first-hand how it can go wrong.