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Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld/home game console released by Nintendo in 2017.

Multiple revisions of the Switch have been released - out of them, only the original "Erista" models made before July 2018 are currently hackable. Other patched Erista models may use the software method "Caffeine" if they run on versions 4.0.0 to 4.1.0.

Getting started

The current recommended setup is Hekate + Atmosphère.

Instructions on setting up homebrew and custom firmware on your console can be found here:

Use homebrew

Looking for things to do with your newly-homebrewed console? We have a list for that!


The current released models of the switch are:

  • "Erista" (original switch)
    • "Erista" systems manufactured before June 2018 are vulnerable to the Fusee Gelee exploit, and are generally refered to as "unpatched"
    • "Erista" systems manufactured after June 2018 cannot be hacked via software at this time (unless they run on versions 4.0.0-4.1.0 with the method Caffeine)
  • "Mariko" ("redbox" switch)
    • "Mariko" systems feature a new SOC, which allows them to run cooler, and have a longer battery life
    • "Mariko" systems cannot be hacked via software at this time
  • Switch Lite
    • The Switch Lite is a budget model, without TV output, detachable joycons, and with several features removed.
    • The Switch Lite cannot be hacked via software at this time
  • OLED model ("Aula")
    • The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is identical to the "Mariko" systems, but features a larger, OLED display, expanded internal storage, an improved kickstand and improved speakers
    • The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) cannot be hacked via software at this time

Get help

Having an issue setting up homebrew, or using it? Maybe your console is doing something weird?

First, try searching for your issue. If you cannot find the right information or don't understand it, you can ask someone for help.