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User:Ihaveahax/3DS:File list

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This page lists all files and folders that might be found on a 3DS' SD card, along with their uses.


File Name Usage
arm9loaderhax.bin The payload chainloaded by arm9loaderhax.
boot.firm The firmware chainloaded by boot9strap and 3DS:fastboot3DS, usually Luma3DS.
boot.3dsx Usually the Homebrew Launcher, which is loaded both by exploits and by Luma3DS' Homebrew Launcher Loader.
BOOT.NDS/boot.nds When all uppercase, a payload for TWiLightMenu++. When all lowercase, usually the B9STool payload that is used in the frogtool/fredtool exploit.
essentials.exefs A backup of all unique system files. Initially created by GodMode9.
movable.sed The encryption key for all data inside the sd:/Nintendo 3DS folder. Required for various exploits that modify apps/games' savedata.
safeb9sinstaller.bin Boot9strap installer. Identical to the .firm version other than its format.


Folder Name Usage
_nds Created automatically by TWiLightMenu++ to store the payloads, data, and config needed for it to play DS games.
_gba Created automatically by TWiLightMenu++ to store the config needed for it to play GBA games.
3ds Contains all .3dsx homebrew applications and their files.
badges Used to install custom badges via GYTB.
CTGP-7 Contains all data and config for CTGP-7.
DCIM Contains all photos/videos/screenshots taken by the stock firmware, such as in Nintendo 3DS Camera.
gm9 Contains scripts and exported files for GodMode9.
luma Contains configuration for Luma3DS, as well as additional payloads and custom game patches and files.
Nintendo 3DS Contains all digital games/their save files, extra data, DSiWare exports, and the installed theme(s).
plugin Contains all .plg plugin files for use with BootNTR.
roms Optionally created by TWiLightMenu++ to store game ROMs.

Exploit-Specific Files/Folders

File/Folder Name Usage
boot9strap Contains the boot9strap firm and a hash of it, for use in SafeB9SInstaller.
browserhax_hblauncher_ropbin_payload.bin The payload for super-skaterhax.
otherapp.bin Usually the payload for *hax/universal-otherapp, depending on the specific system version and exploit.
arm11code.bin Usually the payload for browser exploits. Exact contents will depend on the specific system version and exploit.
Soundhax-<region>-<model>-<version>.m4a The exploited sound file for Soundhax. The <region>, <model>, and <version> in the name are replaced with the values matching the specific console.
mset9.command The script file for the mset9 exploit. mset9.command is for macOS, while mset9.bat is for Windows.