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Custom firmware loader
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boot9strap is a firmware loader for the Nintendo 3DS. It is also an exploit for the ARM9 BootROM that allows for dumping of the protected area of the BootROM. It succeeded arm9loaderhax in May 2017.


This is the main firmware loader when using 3DS Hacks Guide. To update, follow the steps on Updating B9S.

To upgrade from an old setup:

How it works

An in-depth presentation on how the BootROM signature parsing works and how boot9strap exploits it can be found here: SciresM's 33.5c3

LED Status Codes

If Start+Select+X is held during boot, or if either FIRM file is corrupt, the notification LED will display a color. It will also blink if it is used via ntrboot.

Green Loaded -
Yellow Missing Loaded
Orange Corrupt Loaded
White Missing Missing
Magenta Missing Corrupt
Red Corrupt Corrupt