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Custom firmware
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Luma3DS is a custom firmware. It is the only one in active development for the 3DS.


This is the main custom firmware when using 3DS Hacks Guide. To update, follow the steps on Restoring / Updating CFW.


  • Automatic patches that remove Nintendo restrictions, such as:
    • Region locking, allowing you to run out-of-region cartridges and titles
    • Signature checks, allowing homebrew to run from HOME Menu
    • The flashcart block list, allowing you to run blocked DS flashcarts
  • A "Rosalina menu" accessible from anywhere within 3DS mode with many of its own functions, such as:
    • Cheat support
    • Plugin loading
    • Taking screenshots
    • Input redirection
    • Blue light filter
  • LayeredFS support, allowing you to replace individual game files with modded versions on-the-fly
  • FIRM write protection, preventing boot9strap from being overwritten with system updates
    • This does not mean that system updates will always be immediately "safe"; from time to time, something changes in the system firmware that requires a Luma3DS update


The Luma3DS repository on GitHub has its own wiki, but some additional information can be found on the following pages: