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3DS:Is it safe to update?

From Hacks Guide Wiki
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The current firmware version is 11.17.0-50.

If the console already has CFW

Before the console can be updated, make sure Luma3DS is on the most recent version. To check its version, hold Select while turning on the console.

If your Luma3DS version is... Then...
10.2.1 and newer You can update to 11.17.0 without problems.
8.0 - 10.2 You must first update following the Restoring / Updating CFW guide. Otherwise an error screen will appear.
7.1 boot9strap must be updated first, or newer versions of Luma3DS will not work. Follow the guide at Updating B9S.
7.0.5 and older Your console must first be upgraded from arm9loaderhax to boot9strap. Follow the guide at A9LH to B9S.

If an update happens on an old version

The worst that may happen if you update the system software without running a compatible version of Luma3DS is that the console may turn on to an error screen. This usually means that it could not patch the new firmware. The fix for this is to manually replace boot.firm on the SD card with a newer version of Luma3DS. See Restoring / Updating CFW on 3DS Hacks Guide for more information.

If the console does not yet have CFW

New 3DS consoles can use super-skaterhax. Old 3DS consoles can use MSET9.

Other exploits are available at 3DS:Alternate Exploits. Most of these depend on having certain games or a second console with custom firmware.

Any console on any version can be hacked with ntrboot, but this requires a compatible DS flashcart.