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Wii U:SaveMii WUT Port

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SaveMii is a save manager for the Wii U. You can use it to dump or inject saves from Wii U and vWii games. It was originally made by Ryuzaki-MrL but has been forked and improved by Xpl0itU/DaThinkingChair.


  1. Download the latest release of the of SaveMii WUT Port-Aroma.
  2. Extract Copy the file savemii.wuhb into sd:/wiiu/apps

  1. Download the latest release of the SaveMii WUT Port-HBL
  2. Extract it and drag the SaveMiiModWUTPort folder into the wiiu/apps folder.


When opening the app, you will be met with a blue screen that says Wii U Save Management and vWii Save Management. Select whichever one you want to manage for and you will be met with another screen that has all your titles.

Backing Up Saves

  1. Select whichever you game want with the A button.
  2. Select Backup savedata and select any empty slot. It goes up to 255.
  3. Select which users save data to back up. If it says you have a common save, say yes to backing it up.
  4. You will be brought to a black screen where it will begin backing the save up. This shouldn't take to long.
  5. Once it is done, on inside of the wiiu folder there will be a folder named backups and inside of this folder, there will be another folder with the title ID of your game. An easy way to know what game is what is to remember the last four digits in the ID.
  6. Inside of the ID there will be another folder with the name of the slot you choose. Inside of there, there will be an 8 digit folder. That contains your save file. If you choose to dump the common, it will also be there.

Injecting Saves

  1. Inside of the backups folder, create a new folder with the title ID of the game you're trying to inject. You can find them here.
  2. Inside of the title ID, create a new folder that is any number between 0 - 255. Put the save inside of here.
  3. You can eject the SD card and move to your Wii U.
  4. Reopen SaveMii and select the game you're injecting the save file into.
  5. Press A and select Wipe savedata and select which user to delete the save from.
  6. You will be prompted to backup your current savedata, choose if you want to or not.
  7. When that is complete, select Restore savedata. Select the slot you chose.
  8. For the Select SD user to copy from make it whatever the save was called.
  9. For Select Wii U user to copy to make it whichever user you want to have the save.
  10. For the Include 'common save' select yes or no depending on if you have one.
  11. Press A to inject the save. Once this is done you can exit the application.

Injecting Saves to a Different User

  1. Select a game you'd like to transfer a save to.
  2. Press Backup Savedata, select a slot, then select a user.
  3. Now press Restore Savedata, select the slot and which user to copy from.
  4. Then select the target user you want the save restored to.
  5. Once it's done, exit SaveMii and check if the save was successfully restored in Data Management from system settings.
  6. If all went well, the save will now belong to the other user. Boot up the game and your save will be there.

Injecting VC Saves

OOjs UI icon information-warning.svg Wii U VC games use suspend and restore points. Trying to simply restore a save from another console or emulator will not work for some games due to the suspend point automatically overwriting the save. This will show you how to get them to work.
  1. Extract your VC save from an emulator or console. It needs to be in a .sav format, so if it isn't, find a way to convert it.
  2. Boot up SaveMii.
  3. Navigate to the game of choice, then hit Wipe Savedata, selecting the desired user to delete from.
  4. Exit Savemii, and boot up the game to create the save data.
  5. While the game is still running, force power off the console. This prevents the suspend point from being created.
  6. Power the console back on and boot into SaveMii again.
  7. Find the game and backup the save.
  8. Exit SaveMii, remove the SD card and move it to your PC.
  9. Locate the save directory by navigating to wiiu/backups/TitleID/Slot/80000008/
  10. You usually would find a few files like .rs1 or .rs2, which are the restore and suspend points. One will not be there. The file we're looking for is the GameID.sav.
  11. Rename the .sav you dumped from another source to the Game ID of the save.
  12. Drag and drop, replacing the save when asked.
  13. Eject your SD card and Insert it back into your Wii U.
  14. Load SaveMii and navigate to the game to restore the save to the User you wish.
  15. Exit SaveMii, and boot up the game to test the save. You should now be able to use your save!