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Wii U:GameCube games

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OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg The Wii U can natively run GameCube games with the help of Nintendont due to its hardware backwards compatibility with the Wii. However, the Wii U is unable to read GameCube discs. There are still multiple ways to run GameCube Games, but a modded Wii (or GameCube) is required to dump the discs.

Dumping GameCube games:

To dump GameCube games from a modded Wii follow this guide here.

Method I: Nintendont

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg Nintendont allows you to load backups of your GameCube games natively on (v)Wii from an external drive connected via your Wii U's USB ports, or SD card.
OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg Your vWii needs to be modded for this method. If you have not done so, follow this guide here..


The process for setting up Nintendont on vWii is identical to that of the Wii's. Please follow the Wiki Hacks Guide page linked below.

Continue to the Nintendont usage guide here.

Method II: Virtual Console Injections

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg UWUVCI allows you to inject any GameCube backup into a preexisting Wii Virtual Console title, package it with Nintendont, and install it to your Wii U's internal storage, or an external drive connected via the Wii U's USB ports. You do not need to mod the vWii to use injections.


What you need:

  • A PC running Windows (VM's work, WINE does not).
  • The latest release of UWUVCI AIO.
  • Sigpatches on your Wii U.
    • Download 01_sigpatches.rpx from the github here.
    • Copy this file to your sd:/wiiu/environments/[Aroma or Tiramisu]/modules/setup folder.
  • The backup of the GameCube game you wish to inject.

Continue to the UWUVCI's GameCube injection guide here.

Method III: Nintendont Forwarder

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg Nintendont can be launched from the Wii U menu with an installable forwarder. You do not need to mod the vWii to use it. It also has gamepad support.
  1. Download the Nintendont& from Flump's Dropbox.
  2. Extract the zip, then copy the contents of the zip to the root of the SD card.
  3. Move back to your console and Launch WUP Installer GX2 from either the homebrew launcher (Tiramisu) or the Wii U Menu(Aroma).
  4. Install the forwarder to either the nand or a USB.
  5. Once finished, exit to the Wii U menu and the forwarder should be there.
  6. Launch the forwarder. You can now play your games the classic way!
OOjs UI icon information-warning.svg The Nintendont forwarder only has SD card support. Having the games on a USB will not work due to the forwarder acting as a WiiVC inject, which doesn't have USB access.