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WiiLink is an alternative services provider for the Wii, originally founded in 2020. Its original purpose was to provide revived WiiConnect24 channels exclusive to Japan, however has since greatly expanded into other services such as the internationally available channels and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

In late 2023, RiiConnect24, an alternative services provider founded in 2015, merged with WiiLink, where WiiLink would adopt its infrastructure and current services. Today, WiiLink offers all of the services that were previously offered by both separate entities and is the singular provider for WiiConnect24 services after its shutdown in 2013. Additionally, it provides support for Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC, RSS feeds via RSSMii, and YouTube playback on the Wii via RiiTube.


WiiLink has support for most WiiConnect24 services, although some channels may not have completely restored support comparable to before the shutdown date. The following are all services that are supported as of the time of writing:

International Services

Japanese-Exclusive Services

European-Exclusive Services

WiiLink WFC

WiiLink WFC is an open-source replacement for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection servers that began development in late 2023 to serve as an alternative to Wiimmfi, another replacement for the defunct servers. It does not have as large of a userbase, but is in rapid development. Installation instructions can be found on its website.