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Finally got homebrew/custom firmware on your 3DS? Here is a short list of the most common things to do with it.

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg Just want to install software? See 3DS:Installing software.

Seedling icon. Custom firmware basics

Custom firmware has a lot of settings and useful menus. Learn to use them here!

Paint brush icon. Customization

Change how your console looks and sounds.

Game controller icon. Emulation

The 3DS can run emulators for various old consoles. The New 3DS is the best one to use for this.

Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games can also be run using the 3DS's native modes for them.

Wrench icon. Game mods, save editing, cheats

OOjs UI icon information-warning.svg Before you modify a game or its save, you should back up your save data.

We have pages for games listing various game mods, save editors, and cheats available for them. Some examples:

See a full list at Category:Nintendo 3DS games. Or use the search feature.

Globe icon. Revival projects

Give new life to shutdown services.

puzzle-piece icon. Extensions

Star icon. Extras