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3DS:Wireless streaming/HzMod

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OOjs UI icon information-destructive.svg Do not use this on a New 3DS, and even for Old 3DS, this should be a last resort. HzMod can cause crashes, create general system instability, and works at an average of 3 FPS.

Installing HzMod

What You Need

  • Your console's IP from the first section
  • The latest release of Snickerstream
  • HzMod
  • FBI installed on your console

Section I: Prep Work

  1. Ensure that your console and your computer are on the same network
  2. Download and extract the latest Snickerstream .zip file
  3. Download and extract the HzMod .zip file
  4. Take the SD card out of your console and put it into your computer
  5. Copy the HorizonM.cia and HzLoad.cia files from where you extracted the HzMod .zip file to your SD card
    • You may put these files anywhere where you can easily access them
    • If you plan on streaming extended memory games, Copy the HzLoad_HIMEM.cia file to your SD card as well
  6. Put your SD card back into your console

Section II: Installing CIAs

  1. Power on your console if it is not already on
  2. Open FBI
  3. Press A on SD at the top of your bottom screen
  4. Find the .cia files that you copied, press A on each one and select Install and delete CIA
    • Once you are done, press START to exit FBI

Section III: Streaming

  1. Open the Snickerstream .exe file from where you extracted it
  2. Change the Streaming app on the right side of the Snickerstream window to HzMod in the dropdown
  3. On your console, open all the gifts that appeared on your HOME menu and open HorizonM Loader
    • If you plan on streaming extended memory games, open HorizonM HIMEM Loader instead
    • Your notification LED should now turn cyan, meaning it's ready for streaming
  4. Input your console's IP from the first section into the IP box in the Snickerstream window
  5. Click Connect! in the Snickerstream window
    • Your console's notification LED should turn green, and it's top screen should now be streamed to your computer
    • The low framerates are normal with this method and cannot be improved.
OOjs UI icon information-constructive.svg HzMod has now been installed and activated.