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Technical Details

To install boot9strap on your console, we derive your console’s unique encryption key. To accomplish this, we use a tool called Seedminer to calculate the data encryption key (movable.sed) for your console.

For information on how Seedminer works, see this presentation.

This method uses a powerful graphics card to perform the calculations needed. A volunteer-run website is used for the purpose of assisting you with this method.


Section I - Prep Work

  1. Power off your console
  2. Insert your SD card into your computer
  3. Navigate to the Nintendo 3DS folder on your SD card
  4. Copy the name of the 32-letter folder you see directly inside Nintendo 3DS
    • This 32-letter name is system-specific and will be different for each console
    • If you see multiple 32-letter folders, follow the troubleshooting at the bottom of the page
    • You can ignore the Private folder if you have it
  5. Paste your 32-letter folder name into a document you can reference later
    • This folder is known as your “ID0”. Take note of this as this guide will refer to it as such later
  6. Power on your console
    • Your SD card does not need to be inserted at this point
  7. Go to your Friend List (the orange Face Icon in the top row of your HOME Menu)
    • If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, you either must create a new Mii or your console cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers (due to a ban or connection issues)
  8. Find your Mii profile, then find the “Friend Code” field on the top screen

Section II - Seedminer

In this section, you will use the Bruteforce Movable website to retrieve your console’s encryption key in the form of movable.sed.

  1. Open Bruteforce Movable on your computer
  2. Enter your console’s Friend Code (with no spaces or dashes) into the “Your friend code” field
  3. Paste your console’s 32 character long folder name into the “Your ID0” field
    • Do not attempt to enter the ID0 manually, as it is easy to make a mistake. Ensure the ID0 is entered correctly by copying and pasting it from where you saved it in the previous section
  4. Select “Go”
    • If the site immediately goes to step 4, the website has already correctly processed your bruteforce request. You can download your movable.sed file and stop with this guide. You do not need to (re-)add the bot!
  5. Use the “Register Friend” button on your console to add the bot’s friend code as given by the website
    • If prompted, the name that you give to the friend does not matter
  6. Wait for the site to update
    • If it does not, wait a few minutes before refreshing the page once
  7. Once the site processes your information, the site will continue to Step 2: Bruteforce automatically
  8. Wait for the remainder of the process to complete
    • This is usually fast (1-5 minutes)
    • During this process, the bot you added may not show up on your 3DS. As long as the website updates, this is not an issue
    • If you are still waiting after half an hour, join Nintendo Homebrew on Discord and ask (in English) for someone there to assist you
    • If you get “We were unable to successfully complete your bruteforce request. :`(“, read the troubleshooting below
  9. When the process is completed, download your movable.sed file from the site
  10. Power off your console



Multiple long folder names in Nintendo 3DS folder

This occurs when you use your SD card in multiple 3DS consoles and is intended to prevent inadvertently merging data that would not be valid on other consoles. To figure out which long folder name is correct for your 3DS, follow these instructions:

  1. Rename the Nintendo 3DS folder to BACKUP_Nintendo 3DS
  2. Reinsert your SD card into your console
  3. Power on your console
  4. Wait for the console to generate the SD card data
    • Your applications will have disappeared. This is normal and will be resolved shortly
  5. Power off your console
  6. Insert your SD card into your computer
  7. Navigate to the Nintendo 3DS folder on your SD card
  8. Copy the 32 character long name of the folder you see
    • This is your true ID0 that you will use in Section II
  9. Delete the Nintendo 3DS folder
  10. Rename the BACKUP_Nintendo 3DS folder to Nintendo 3DS

We were unable to successfully complete your bruteforce request. :`(

The website has determined that your movable.sed cannot be brute-forced. Ensure that you gave the correct ID0 to the website. If your ID0 is correct, then you will be unable to use Seedminer. If you have or can get access to the Homebrew Launcher, you can use nimhax to obtain movable.sed instead.