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open_agb_firm is a bare-metal application for running Game Boy Advance games using the Nintendo 3DS's native GBA hardware capabilities.


open_agb_firm uses the 3DS's native capabilities to run GBA software, just like the original AGB_FIRM. The main difference is that it allows running ROMs from files on the SD card, instead of requiring them to be installed as digital games. Save files are also put on the SD card, making access to them far easier than AGB_FIRM.

Like AGB_FIRM, additional hardware features like accelerometer and camera are not supported. Games that depend on these features like WarioWare: Twisted! and Game Boy Camera will not work. The exception is the real-time clock which is implemented, so games that use this such as the third-generation Pokémon games can use it as normal.



open_agb_firm is available on Universal-DB and can be installed and updated with Universal-Updater.


  1. Download the latest release (the open_agb_firm .7z file)
  2. Extract the open_agb_firm .7z file using 7-Zip (or another appropriate utility for your computer's operating system)
  3. Copy open_agb_firm.firm from the extracted contents and place it in /luma/payloads/
  4. Copy the 3ds folder from the extracted contents to the root of your SD card
    • If your computer asks to merge or overwrite anything, allow it


Press and hold START while turning on the console to choose it through the Luma3DS chainloader. A reboot is required to select a different game.

ROMs can be placed anywhere on the SD card. Save files are put in /3ds/open_agb_firm/saves (e.g. if the game is at /roms/Mario Kart.gba, the save is at /3ds/open_agb_firm/Mario Kart.sav).


  • Gnome-media-flash.svg (root)
    • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg 3ds
      • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg open_agb_firm
        • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg saves
          • Icons8 flat file.svg Mario Kart.sav
          • Icons8 flat file.svg Pokemon Emerald.sav
        • Icons8 flat file.svg gba_db.bin
    • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg roms
      • Icons8 flat file.svg Mario Kart.gba
    • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg mygames
      • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg gba
        • Icons8 flat file.svg Pokemon Emerald.gba


Configuration settings are available on GitHub.

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