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3DS:Error screens/Luma3DS ErrDisp

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With Luma3DS installed, the 3DS error handler is modified to give significantly more information compared to the default error screens. These errors are also displayed by certain other applications such as FBI.

This page lists various causes and solutions of Luma3DS ErrDisp errors.

Reading a Luma3DS ErrDisp

A Luma3DS ErrDisp error has several parts, but only two of them help in finding its cause. They are as follows:

Luma3DS ErrDisp.jpg
  • Process name: The part of the system that is triggering the error. Can be helpful if the error code is generic.
  • Error code: The specific reason the error occurred. This is almost always the most helpful part of the error.

Known errors

If your ErrDisp displays one of the processes in the first table, you do not need to look up its error code in the second one. The solutions for these processes are almost always the same.

Process Name Problem & Solution
process: cam
process: qtm
Your camera's hardware is damaged or dead.
If the error code is 0xF96183FE, you can open sd:/luma/config.ini and set the variable enable_safe_firm_rosalina to 1 to bypass this error.
Otherwise, to fix, replace the camera with a new one. To avoid the error until then, or if you cannot get a new camera, disconnect the camera.
process: kernel Your system software is having a strange issue.
To fix, diagnose further by reading the contents of the file sd:/luma/errdisp.txt. If you do not understand this file, join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord and explain your issue there.
process: nwm Your WiFi chipset's hardware is damaged or dead.
To fix, replace the WiFi chipset with a new one. To avoid this error until then or if you cannot get a new chipset, disable WiFi on the 3DS and do not turn it back on.
If your 3DS is an old model, you can disable WiFi with an external switch. New models must instead disable it through the HOME Menu Settings or Rosalina. Repeatedly pressing the keycombo for Rosalina while powering on may allow you to access Rosalina before it can crash.
process: mcu Something related to power or the battery is having issues.
To fix, check if your charger repeatedly disconnects and reconnects while it is inserted. If this is the case, you have a faulty charger port and need to replace it.
If this is not the case, you have a deeper hardware issue that may not be fixable.
OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg In the following table, when ? is in an error code, it is a wildcard.
This means any character can be in its position and the error code will remain the same.
Error Code Problem & Solution
card removed Your SD card is faulty, or debris is interfering with its connection to the 3DS.
To fix, clean the SD card and the SD reader in the 3DS with isopropyl alcohol. If this does not work, test the SD card for errors.
0xC8A11BEF Occurs when attempting to use DLP services with an out-of-region game. This issue is not fixable currently.
0xC86044D2 Your NAND does not have enough free space available.
To fix, join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord and explain your issue in detail. Deleting files from the NAND without guidance is likely to cause additional issues.
0xC8804478 The app you tried to open or system software it relies on is missing.
If this occurs when you open any DS game or DS Download Play, follow TWLFix.
If this occurs after doing a manual CTRTransfer, Lazarus3DS, or the nim module errors, check in GodMode9 whether the file path 1:/private/movable.sed exists. If it does not, you will need to manually restore movable.sed from a backup. Join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord and ask for help with this.
Some dependency of the app you are trying to open does not exist.
Ensure your SD is inserted, especially if the code is C88044AB specifically. If it is, ensure you have all of the necessary files for what you are trying to do.
If you do have the files and it is happening to a digital title, do a Safe Mode update.
If you do have the files and it is happening to a cartridge, either your 3DS or the cartridge likely has a hardware issue.
0xC8A04573 Your SD card is formatted strangely.
To fix, reformat the SD card. If this does not work, test the SD card for errors.
0xC8A0802B If this happened while installing an application, your title.db does not exist or is corrupted.
To fix, follow one of the two following sets of instructions. The second one will delete all installed games/apps as a side effect, but is significantly faster and simpler.
  1. rebuild title.db and then try again.
  2. Open GodMode9, go into the file path 1:/dbs/ and delete any existing title.db, then press R+Y, choose Create a dummy file, and name this file title.db - leave the file size at 0. Once the file is created, press START to reboot, go into System Settings -> Data Management -> Nintendo 3DS -> Software, and choose Yes if a prompt about management information appears.
Your SD card is set to read-only or is faulty.
To fix, make sure the slider on the left side of the SD card is pushed up, use a different SD adapter if you are currently using one, and test the SD for errors if it is not read-only.
If the error still happens, the SD card is likely faulty. If it is also read-only, it has permanently protected itself to prevent data corruption. Either way, back up its contents and get a new SD.

If the error is happening when launching a cartridge, especially if the error code is 0xC960454?, delete any updates or DLC to see if the cartridge works as they could be corrupt or faulty. If this succeeds, reinstall them from eShop and ensure the cartridge still works.

0xD8E0806A You have developer UNITINFO enabled and are trying to install a retail game.
To fix, go into the file sd:/luma/config.ini and set the variable use_dev_unitinfo to 0.
0xD860446? You are attempting to use more processing power than the console currently has available.
To fix, ensure you are not using a mod that is designed for an emulator rather than native hardware. If you are using such a mod, either toggle off any "Extra RAM" setting or use a different mod.
0xD900458? The app you tried to open, its savedata, or an update file for it is corrupted.
To fix, if it is a cartridge dump, redump it. If it is an eShop game, click the Repair button at the bottom of its eShop page or delete and reinstall it. If it is a cartridge, clean the cartridge and the 3DS cartridge reader with isopropyl alcohol.
0xF9605002 If attempting to use any camera features, your camera hardware is damaged or dead.