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ctrcheck is a custom GodMode9 script that does a large number of sanity checks and checksums on a 3DS' firmware and SD card to make troubleshooting easier through fault isolation, though it can also automatically fix certain issues.

Required Reading

Ctrcheck does not fix the majority of issues by itself, and instead only informs the user that they exist. Some of the issues it checks for may still require large amounts of knowledge to fix - this script is not a 'miracle cure' and should not be treated as such.

Additionally, ctrcheck cannot check whether the SD is damaged in any way. If you have an issue that might be caused by an SD being corrupted or formatted badly, the pages Formatting an SD card and/or Checking SD card integrity will be far more useful.


What You Need

  • The latest release of ctrcheck.gm9
    • To download, right-click/long-press the page and select Save page as... or similar, then rename it to ctrcheck.gm9 if it is not already called that
  • A device that you can use to transfer files to your 3DS, either via an SD slot or via FTP

Section I - Prep Work

  1. Power off your console and insert the SD card into your device
  2. Copy the downloaded ctrcheck.gm9 into sd:/gm9/scripts on the SD card
  3. If GodMode9 either is not installed or is outdated (the latest version is v2.1.1), install the latest version now
  4. Reinsert the SD card into your console

Section II - ctrcheck

  1. Hold START, and while holding START, power on your console. This will launch GodMode9
  2. Press the HOME button, then go into Scripts... -> ctrcheck
  3. Based on the type of issue you're having, select one of the top four options
    • If you're at all unsure about what type it is, just pick Full
  4. Accept any prompts to fix issues and unlock write perms that appear, then read the results on the top screen once the script finishes
  5. If they say any of the following, do the matching instructions:
    • Warning: ______ installed to firm0/firm1: Follow either Updating B9S if using boot9strap, or Updating fastboot3DS if using fastboot3DS, to get the latest version of a known good bootloader
      • This also applies if the Warning: text instead reads Critical:, but if it reads Fatal Error then ask for help in the Nintendo Homebrew Discord (if the text reads Information:, your bootloader is already updated and you can ignore this line)
    • Critical: NVRAM is inaccessible: Download the special build of Luma linked in the second word of this sentence, rename it to boot.firm, and put it on the root of your SD card
      • Even with this custom version, you cannot use Wi-Fi or play DS games on the console with this error - fixing it entirely requires a hardware replacement
    • Warning: The SD title database needs to be reset: Using this picture as a guide, reset the title database. After you reset, follow Finalizing Setup to reacquire the homebrew apps
    • Warning: There is no boot.firm/boot.3dsx in the root of the SD card: Follow Restoring / Updating CFW to reacquire the file(s)
    • If any Warning, Critical, or Fatal Error that is not in the above set appears, ask for help in the Nintendo Homebrew Discord and provide the full output of ctrcheck.
OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg The results of this ctrcheck can also be found on the SD card in sd:/gm9/ctrcheck_latest.txt, and if logging was enabled it will also be appended to the file sd:/gm9/ctrcheck_log.txt to save it permanently.