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3DSBank is a 3DS homebrew application that functions as a folder selector. If you have reached the 300 titles limit on the 3DS, you can use this homebrew to temporary store the Nintendo 3DS folder into the bank, it also gives you the flexibility to create new folder/select which folder to use.

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg Before using this, it is advised to backup your Nintendo 3DS folder to your PC.
OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg This homebrew runs in TWL/DSi mode to avoid potential issues while moving folder into the 3DSBank. It does not get around the 40 DSiWare title limit. If you would like to get around the 40 DSiWare limit, see YANBF.


Download it from Universal-Updater, or copy the .cia to your sd card and install it with an application such as FBI.

User Guide

Have you hit the 300 title limit on your 3DS, and/or want more than 300 titles, but don't want to make an EmuNAND, or use another SD card?

The answer, is 3DSBank!

With this, you can store your Nintendo 3DS folder into a bank, and select/create another one to use (containing your other titles/themes/badges).

How does it work?

When starting 3DSBank, it renames the Nintendo 3DS folder, before showing a list of the 3DS folders, so that the list is complete, then, you can either select a different one, or exit the tool, so that the HOME Menu can create a new one.

The titles are stored in the Nintendo 3DS folder. When you select a different one in 3DSBank, you'll access the titles stored in that folder, so once you hit the 300 title limit, you can pick a different Nintendo 3DS folder to access other titles.

Add custom names

The custom names can be defined in 3DSBank/3DSBank.ini like so:

SLOT_NAME_0 = Favorites
SLOT_NAME_1 = More Fav.
SLOT_NAME_2 = Homebrew Games


  • / - Move
  • A - Select folder and restart
  • Home/Power - Create a new Nintendo 3DS folder