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Wii:Things to do

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Installed the Homebrew Channel? Here is some stuff you can do!

This is not a complete list, but it should give you a general idea on what you can do.

Seedling icon. Wii homebrew basics

Wrench icon. Game mods, save editing, cheats

OOjs UI icon information-warning.svg Before you modify a game or its save, you should extract/back up your save data with SaveGame Manager GX.
  • Riivolution - Patch your disks to play ROM Hacks of games you own

We have pages for games listing various game mods, save editors, and cheats available for them. Some examples:

See a full list at Category:Wii games. Or use the search feature.

icon=Game controller icon. Playing Games

Star icon. Extras

Globe icon. Revival projects

Give new life to shutdown services.

  • WiiLink - A replacement for WiiConnect24, and Nintendo WFC
  • Wiimmfi - A replacement for Nintendo WFC