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Discussion page of Hacks Guide Wiki:To-do list
Revision as of 22:20, 16 February 2024 by Ihaveahax (talk | contribs)
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Manual 3DS system transfer

I want to create a page about how to manually transfer stuff between two 3DS systems. I need to keep track of what exactly needs to be copied though.

Here's the tables copied from 3dbrew:System SaveData but with an added column on if it should be copied. Comments on what should or should not be copied are appreciated.


  • /private/movable.sed

System Module Savegames:

Copy SaveID Description
0x00010011 FS module savedata, used for Anti Savegame Restore.
0x00010015 AM module savedata
0x00010017 Config Savegame (contains some console-unique data like hardware calibration)
0x00010022 PTM savegame
0x00010026 CECD savegame
0x0001002C NIM savegame
0x00010032 Friends module savegame
0x00010034 BOSS module savegame
0x00010035 News module savegame
❗️ 0x00010038 Act module savegame - will not transfer NNID between consoles itself, but can be copied if it is transferred through another method
0x00010040 NFC module savegame

System application and applet savegames:

Copy JPN SaveID USA SaveID EUR SaveID Description
0x000200C5 Same as JPN Same as JPN "error" applet savegame
0x00020082 0x0002008F 0x00020098 Home Menu savegame
0x00020086 0x00020092 0x0002009B Instruction Manual applet savegame
0x00020087 0x00020093 0x0002009C Game Notes applet savegame
0x00020088 0x00020094 0x0002009D Old3DS/New3DS Internet Browser savegame
0x0002008D 0x00020096 0x0002009F Friend List applet savegame
0x000200BB Same as JPN Same as JPN Additional savedata for the New3DS Internet Browser. This only contains "t.bin" with filesize 0xadf80. This contains all browser history: each entry has the URL, UTF-16 title string, and icon gfx. This includes old pages which are not currently open in the browser as tabs?
0x000200BC 0x000200BD 0x000200BE olv applet savegame (Miiverse)
0x000200C6 Same as JPN Same as JPN mint applet savegame
0x00020200 0x00020210 0x00020220 System Settings savegame
0x00020202 0x00020212 0x00020222 Activity Log application savegame
0x00020204 0x00020214 0x00020224 Nintendo 3DS Camera application savegame
0x00020205 0x00020215 0x00020225 Nintendo 3DS Sound application savegame
0x00020207 0x00020217 0x00020227 Mii Maker application savegame
0x00020208 0x00020218 0x00020228 StreetPass Mii Plaza application savegame
0x00020209 0x00020219 0x00020229 eShop application savegame
0x0002020A 0x0002021A 0x0002022A System Transfer savegame
0x0002020B 0x0002021B 0x0002022B Nintendo Zone savegame
0x0002020D 0x0002021D 0x0002022D Face Raiders savegame
0x0002020E 0x0002021E 0x0002022E AR Games savegame
0x000202BF 0x000202C0 0x000202C1 act (NNID settings) application savegame
0x00020231 0x00020241 0x00020251 microSD Management application savegame

ihaveahax (talk) 05:57, 22 November 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Updated with more results for things that can be copied during a manual transfer. ihaveahax (talk) 22:20, 16 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]