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Hacks Guide Wiki:User groups

From Hacks Guide Wiki

This wiki has multiple user groups that allow users to perform different privileged actions.

The full list of groups and their rights are at Special:ListGroupRights.


All accounts can edit unprotected pages and create new ones.

Autoconfirmed users

Accounts that have existed for at least 4 days and have at least 10 edits are autoconfirmed. This allows them to edit semi-protected pages and not be affected by rate limits for new users.


Administrators (or "sysops") can block users and IPs, use the rollback feature to quickly undo edits, delete and restore pages, view the contents of deleted pages, delete specific page revisions and log entries, edit interface pages (the MediaWiki namespace and other users' CSS/JS), manage translation groups, edit fully-protected pages, mark pages for translation, approve revisions, and use several other features.


Bureaucrats can edit user rights (including promoting users to administrator) and rename users.


Suppressors can suppress page revisions and log entries, which hides them even from administrators. This is useful in cases such as personal information being posted.


Bots are automated user accounts. They can mark their edits as bot edits (hiding them from Recent Changes by default) and have a higher rate limit when using the API.

Abuse filter editor

Abuse filter editors manage filters at Special:AbuseFilter. They can see and edit private filters too.

Translation reviewer

Translation reviewers have access to the review tools of the Translate extension.


Approvers can approve revisions to pages.