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Hacks Guide Wiki:Game pages

From Hacks Guide Wiki

Hacks Guide Wiki can have pages for various games with information such as a list of mods/ROM hacks, save editors, game editors (like levels or text), guides, and other resources.


A game can have its own page if it has at least one of these:

  • A notable or substantial mod/ROM hack. A small or simple hack such as a single custom level or race track should probably not be listed as its own mod (instead a guide on how to install them would be better), but a pack of custom levels could be.
  • Useful tools such as save editors or game data editors (such as level editors).
  • Guides on how to use mods, tools, or other things like custom levels.
  • Links to external resources such as a modding wiki or community. Preferably any game-specific tools used should be listed here too, if possible.


A template to copy exists at /Template. Alternatively, look at other game pages such as 3DS:Pokémon X and Y and use them as the basis for your own.

The name of the page should be the full title of the page. For example, 3DS:Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is the full name for the game on the 3DS. Redirects for common abbreviations or search terms should be made (for example, SSB4 or 3DS:Smash Bros)

Cross-platform games should get their own pages per-console.


A game page should have these sections. Empty ones can be removed.

Intro section

The intro should have the full name of the game in bold and the genre. Additional info such as the game's place in a series can also be added.

Game-specific quirks

Details that anyone using hacks or tools for this game should probably know about. Look at 3DS:Taiko no Tatsujin: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure or 3DS:Animal Crossing: New Leaf for examples.


A list of mods/ROM hacks for this game. This can include code and file patches (to be applied by rebuilding the game or a tool like LayeredFS), and plugins.


A list of tools to interact with the game. This can include save editors and game data editors (such as level or music editors).


A list of guides on how to do specific things, such as use a save editor, unlock everything, edit levels, etc.

Other resources

A list to external sites and resources.

Most pages include a link to Wikipedia and TCRF. There could also be links to external modding wikis or communities, such as Custom Mario Kart 7 Wiki.