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Hacks Guide Wiki:Approved Revs

From Hacks Guide Wiki
Revision as of 04:31, 5 October 2023 by Ihaveahax (talk | contribs) (+ Wii)
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This wiki uses the Approved Revs extension to protect against vandalism. Before new edits become visible by default, someone must approve them. Anyone in the administrator or approver user groups can approve changes to pages.

These namespaces require approval to new edits:

  • Main
  • User
  • Template
  • File
  • Module
  • 3DS
  • Wii U
  • Switch
  • Wii

Users are able to approve edits to their own userspace.

If a page has no approved revisions, the latest one is shown by default.

The status of pages requiring approval can be viewed at Special:ApprovedRevs.