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3DS:Where is the CFW?: Revision history

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25 August 2022

4 July 2022

  • curprev 10:4910:49, 4 July 2022Ihaveahax talk contribsm 1,177 bytes +39 added Category:Nintendo 3DS information using HotCat
  • curprev 07:0207:02, 4 July 2022Ihaveahax talk contribs 1,138 bytes +1,138 Created page with "{{Page WIP}} This article attempts to explain the different parts of a homebrew and custom firmware setup and where they are. == On the console: boot9strap == 3DS:boot9strap is a firmware loader and exploit for the 3DS. It is installed into the firmware partitions of the system memory, also known as the NAND. This means that it stays even if the SD card is formatted, destroyed, lost, changed, or otherwise. When the console is powered on, this is the first thing t..."