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rehid is a rewrite of the 3DS' hid module that allows you to flexibly remap buttons or the touch screen in 3DS titles.


  • Remapping Buttons - Rehid allows you to remap buttons or combinations of buttons to different buttons or combos.
  • Remapping Directional Input - Rehid also lets you remap the circle pad, remap the C stick, and/or map the circle pad and D-pad to each other.
  • Remapping Touch - You can assign button inputs to points on the touchscreen, or map specific parts of the touchscreen to buttons.
  • Per-Game Remaps - Rehid allows you to choose between applying a remap to only one specific title or applying it to all titles at once.
  • RehidHelper - Rehid features an app to help you download its sysmodules, scan QR codes to install remaps, or disable rehid entirely.


What you need


  1. Power on your console
  2. Launch Universal Updater
  3. Select the magnifying glass on the bottom screen, then search for rehid
  4. Press A while hovering over rehid from the list of homebrew
  5. Choose rehidhelper.cia
  6. Wait until the app finishes installing
  7. Close Universal Updater
  8. Launch RehidHelper and select Download Rehid
  9. Wait for it to download and reboot, then press B to exit the app
  10. Power off your console
  11. While holding SELECT, power on your console to enter the Luma3DS configuration menu
  12. Turn on Enable loading external FIRMs and modules if it is not already enabled
  13. Press START to save and exit

What you need

  • The latest release of rehid (the 0004013000001D02.cxi and rehidhelper.cia files)
  • FBI installed on your console
  • A v13.0 or higher version of Luma3DS' boot.firm on the root of your SD card


  1. Copy 0004013000001D02.cxi to sd:/luma/sysmodules/
    • Create the folder sysmodules if it doesn't exist
  2. Copy rehidhelper.cia to the root of your SD card
  3. Reinsert your SD card into your console
  4. Launch FBI and select SD -> rehidhelper.cia -> Install and delete CIA
  5. Press A and wait for the CIA to install, then exit FBI
  6. Power off your console
  7. While holding SELECT, power on your console to enter the Luma3DS configuration menu
  8. Turn on Enable loading external FIRMs and modules if it is not already enabled
  9. Press START to save and exit


Adding configs

  1. Open the 3DS Remap Builder and configure your key mappings
  2. When finished, click on Show as QR code
    • If you are unable to scan QR codes on your console, instead click Build this remap and place the downloaded rehid.json into the folder sd:/rehid, or sd:/rehid/<title ID>/ if you only want to remap a specific game. You can find the title ID of your game using 3dsdb
  3. Power on your console and launch RehidHelper
  4. Select Scan QR Code and scan the generated QR code from the website
  5. Press A to proceed
  6. Select a title from the list for the remap to be applied to, or select global to apply it to the entire console
  7. Press START to exit

Disabling Rehid

  1. Launch RehidHelper from the HOME Menu
  2. Select Toggle Rehid State
  3. Press B to reboot

Removing configs

  • For global configurations, delete sd:/rehid/rehid.json or, for a configuration set to a title delete sd:/rehid/<title ID>/rehid.json


Config file

Rehid stores its key mappings in .json files located either as sd:/rehid/rehid.json for global mappings or in a title ID folder within sd:/rehid/ to use with a specific title. You can manually create your own key mappings by creating a rehid.json file with the key mappings you want. Possible options include:

  • "keys": Maps one or more keys to press different key(s).
    • Syntax:
    With the above, any time you press the ZR key, R key would be triggered, and any time you press the ZL key, L key would be triggered.

    You can use this to do custom key combos, such as the following:
    With this, pressing X+Y will trigger R instead, and pressing SELECT will trigger both L and R at the same time.
  • "cpad": Maps a key press to the given XY coordinates on the Circle Pad, between -190 and 190.

    • Syntax:
  • "touch": Maps a key press to the given XY coordinates on the touchscreen, from 0,0 (top-left corner) to 320,240 (bottom-right corner).
    • Syntax:
  • "touchtokeys": Maps the given area on the touch screen at the given XY coordinates to output a key press when tapped.

    • Syntax:
    The above example creates a box starting at x=10 y=20 that has a height of 50 and a width of 100.
  • Other options include:
    • "cpadtodpad":true Automatically redirects all C-Pad inputs to the D-Pad.
    • "dpadtocpad":true Automatically redirects all D-Pad inputs to the C-Pad.
    • "overidecpadpro":true Stops games from recognizing the Circle Pad Pro.
    • "homebutton": Remaps the HOME button to one or more key press(es).

  • All of the above options can be used at once in one remapping. For example:


SD file layout

  • SD card icon (root)
    • Folder icon luma
      • Folder icon sysmodules
        • File icon 0004013000001D02.cxi
        • File icon 0004013000003302.ips
    • Folder icon rehid
      • File icon rehid.json
      • Folder icon <title ID>
        • File icon rehid.json


An exception occurred

Check the Luma3DS exceptions page for information on exceptions.