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3DS:Luma3DS forks

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Luma3DS forks are modifications of the Luma3DS custom firmware. These forks can:

  • Add features unavailable in upstream (unmodified) Luma3DS
  • Enhance existing features in upstream Luma3DS
  • Remove features deemed 'unnecessary' in upstream Luma3DS
OOjs UI icon information-warning.svg There are some things that you should take note of when using Luma3DS forks:
  • They may not always be kept up to date with upstream Luma3DS, so you may miss out on any new features added to Luma3DS.
  • If you experience a bug with one of these forks, you must report it to the developer of that fork. The developers of Luma3DS are not responsible for any issues or bugs that may occur when using a fork unless the same issue also occurs in upstream Luma3DS.
  • If you're getting assistance with an issue, you should specify if you are using a Luma3DS fork, as troubleshooting may differ.

Installing a Luma3DS fork

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg These instructions assume you're using boot9strap (as installed in the guide) as opposed to fastboot3DS, where these instructions may not apply depending on your setup.

Because boot9strap just boots the file boot.firm on the root of your SD card (or on CTRNAND), you can just place any Luma3DS fork onto the root of your SD card as boot.firm. Your 3DS will automatically boot into it as it did upstream Luma3DS.

  1. Download your Luma3DS fork of choice
  2. If necessary, extract it and/or rename the file to boot.firm
  3. Put your SD card into your computer
  4. Copy the Luma3DS fork's boot.firm to the root of the SD card, replacing the existing one
  5. Put your SD card back into your 3DS
OOjs UI icon information-constructive.svg Your 3DS is now running a fork of Luma3DS!

List of Luma3DS forks

Name of fork Base Luma version Features Notes
Luma3DS-but-better v13.0.2
  • Feature set derived from Luma3DS Redshift
  • See README for full list
CustomLuma3DS v13.0.2
  • Feature set derived from various Luma3DS forks, including Redshift and Luma3DS-but-better
  • Wireless streaming
  • See README for full list
  • Fork of cooolgamer's CustomLuma3DS on which Luma3DS-but-better is based on
Luma3DS_ITA v13.0.2
  • Translates Luma3DS config/Rosalina menu to Italian
Luma3DS-Spanish v13.0.2
  • Translates Luma3DS config/Rosalina menu to Spanish
Luma3DS with Timelock v12.0.1
  • "Timelock" parental control system
    • Lock system from use after specified time
Luma3DS with Redshift v10.3
  • Improved screen filter functions
  • Miscellaneous additional config options
  • Quick-Switcher for filters and config
  • 3GX plugin support
  • Brightness settings beyond min./max. limits
  • Control volume without using slider
  • Recalibrate brightness settings
  • Launch only specific games with Clock+L2
  • Incompatible with CTGP-7
Luma3DS 3GX Loader v12.0.1
  • 3GX plugin support
  • BootNTR support, thus:
    • Streaming on New3DS
    • PLG plugin support
  • Merged into main Luma3DS as of v13.0, deprecated
Luma3DS PLG Loader (broken) v9.1
  • PLG plugin support without BootNTR
  • Reportedly no longer works on current firmware (11.14+)!
Luma3DS Stealth v9.1
  • Disable chainloader/config access from 3DS
  • Store config and crash dumps on CTRNAND
  • Effectively hides Luma3DS from SD
  • Does not stop anyone from just putting any other boot.firm on root of SD