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3DS:Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition/Custom Skins

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This tutorial will take you through importing skins of your own in Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition via Luma game patching.

OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg People will not be able to see your skin in game without your custom skin file.
OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg This guide assumes you are on the latest 1.9 update.

What You Need

  • The latest release of GodMode9
  • A PC that's running Windows
  • This specific version of Ohana3DS
  • A Minecraft skin that's 64x64 pixels (64x32 will not work)


Section I - Prep Work

  1. Copy GodMode9.firm from the GodMode9 .zip and put it into sd:/luma/payloads
  2. Extract the Ohana3DS zip anywhere that isn't your SD card
  3. Put the SD card back into your 3DS and enter GodMode9 (Usually START + Power)

Section II - Getting the skin file

  1. Once you've entered GodMode9, enter [A:] SYSNAND SD -> title -> 0004000e -> Your regions title ID -> content
    • If you are on the US version, Your regions title ID would be 001b8700
    • If you are on the JPN version, Your regions title ID would be 0017fd00
    • If you are on the PAL version, Your regions title ID would be 0017ca00
  2. Press (A) on
  3. Press (A) on NCCH image options...
  4. Press (A) on Mount image to drive, pressing (A) Yes, if prompted, you should now be inside your game's drive
  5. Enter romfs -> resourcepacks -> skins -> skinpacks -> Your skinpack of choice
    • It's recommended going with PVP_Warriors, as it's a free skinpack.
  6. Press (A) on your desired skin
    • If going with PVP_Warriors, use tundra_stray.3dst for 4 pixel arm skins, and Forest_Tamer_Slim.3dst for 3 pixel arms skins
  7. Press (A) to Copy to 0:/gm9/out, when it's done, press R + START to turn off your 3DS

Section III - Editing the skin

  1. Insert the SD card from your 3DS into your computer
  2. Navigate to sd:/gm9/out, and copy the .3dst from there to your computer
  3. Launch Ohana3DS.exe
  4. Go to Tools -> BCH texture replacer
  5. Once it's opened, go to File -> Open (O), and find your .3dst
  6. Click on Texture, you should now see the original skin
  7. Go into a image editor (like GIMP or
  8. Open your skin in it, and flip your skin vertically
    • The reason we are doing this is because the skin needs to be upside down
  9. Save it
  10. Go back into BCH texture replacer, then press Replace, and find your newly flipped skin file
  11. Once you see your newly replaced skin in BCH texture replacer, go to File -> Save (S)
  12. Once it says "Done!", close out of Ohana3DS
  13. Go back to your SD card directory, then make the following folders in sd:\luma\titles
    • Your regions title ID -> romfs -> resourcepacks -> skins -> skinpacks -> Your skinpacks name
      • If you are on the US version, Your regions title ID would be 00040000001B8700
      • If you are on the JPN version, Your regions title ID would be 000400000017DS00
      • If you are on the PAL version, Your regions title ID would be 000400000017CA00
    • The root of your SD Card should now look like this
        • Gnome-media-flash.svg (root)
          • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg luma
            • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg titles
              • Icons8 flat opened folder.svg000400000017CA00
                • Icons8 flat opened folder.svgromfs
                  • Icons8 flat opened folder.svgresourcepacks
                    • Icons8 flat opened folder.svgskins
                      • Icons8 flat opened folder.svgskinpacks
                        • Icons8 flat opened folder.svgYour skinpacks name
                          • Icons8 flat file.svg your_skin.3dst
  14. Take out your SD card and put it back into your 3DS
  15. Launch Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition
  16. Go to the skinpack you modified (If you modified PVP_Warriors, go to Biome Settlers Pack 1)
OOjs UI icon information-constructive.svg You've successfully replaced a skin with your very own custom one!