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3DS:Alternate Exploits/Bannerbomb3/Installing menuhax67

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Required Reading

menuhax67 is a secondary exploit that can be used to launch the Homebrew Launcher. Here, we inject it with BannerBomb3

The instructions described here work with all regions except for Taiwan and China.

What you need

  • The latest version of Luma3DS (the Luma3DS .zip file)
  • The latest version of menuhax67 (the menuhax67 .zip file)


Section I - Prep Work

  1. Insert the SD card of your 3DS into your computer
  2. Copy boot.firm and boot.3dsx from the Luma3DS .zip to the root of your SD card
    • The root of the SD card refers to the initial directory on your SD card where you can see the Nintendo 3DS folder, but are not inside of it
  3. Copy the Launcher.dat for your region/version from the Release .zip to the root of your SD card

Section II - Bannerbomb3

  1. Reinsert your SD card into your device
  2. Power on your device
  3. Launch System Settings on your device
  4. Navigate to Data Management -> DSiWare -> SD Card
  5. Select Install *HAX

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