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Template:GitHub: Revision history

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11 June 2022

16 April 2022

  • curprev 20:1420:14, 16 April 2022Ihaveahax talk contribs 334 bytes +334 Created page with "<onlyinclude>[{{{1}}} {{#if: {{{2|}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{1}}} }}]</onlyinclude> Usage: *<code><nowiki>{{GitHub|hacks-guide/Guide_3DS}}</nowiki></code> -> {{GitHub|hacks-guide/Guide_3DS}} *<code><nowiki>{{GitHub|hacks-guide/Guide_3DS|3DS Hacks Guide}}</nowiki></code> -> {{GitHub|hacks-guide/Guide_3DS|3DS Hacks Guide}}"