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Switch:Transferring Saves

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Important information

By using CFW on sysMMC, it is possible to move save data between your emuMMC and your sysMMC. This process, by itself, should be safe in terms of not getting banned: running homebrew applications like checkpoint through the homebrew menu on sysMMC is not known to cause bans. However, the problematic element you may encounter is the save data you are using. If you are transferring modified save data from your emuMMC to your sysMMC and you plan to use this edited save data online on your sysMMC, you should proceed with extreme caution as this may attract a ban. Using the edited save data on an offline game may still pose a risk if you use it on your sysMMC due to the way telemetry and logs work, although this varies depending on the game


What you need

  • The latest release of JKSV.
  • A Switch with Atmosphere and an emuMMC set up.


  1. First boot into the MMC you want to transfer saves from (if you want to transfer saves from your emuMMC, you would boot into your emuMMC here).
  2. Open the homebrew menu and launch JKSV.
  3. Select the title(s) you want to back up using the A button and press New.
  4. Change the name if you want, then press OK.
  5. Once you have finished backing up saves, reboot to hekate.
  6. Boot into the MMC you want to transfer saves to (if you're booting into sysMMC here, make sure to select Atmosphere FSS0 SysMMC)
  7. Open the homebrew menu and launch JKSV.
  8. Select the title(s) you want to restore, then press Y and select the backup you made earlier.
  9. Press A to restore the save, then hold A to confirm.