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Using custom firmware, you can create unique styles and layouts for your Switch Home Menu.

Making a Theme

Installing a Theme

Custom themes made by other users can be found in several places. You can use Themezer-NX to download and install themes on your switch, or visit r/NXThemes or and install the .nxtheme file manually.

Using themezer-nx

What you need


  1. Boot Switch CFW, open the Homebrew Menu and launch Themezer-NX.
    • If you get an error saying failed to connect to themezer, ensure you have an internet connection set up.
    • If you're on emuMMC, make sure you set up dns.mitm or 90dns before connecting.
  2. Find a theme to install.
    • Pressing X will allow you to select which type of theme you're looking for (home screen, lock screen etc).
    • Pressing Y will allow you to search for themes that fit certain keywords and change the sorting order.
  3. Once you have found a theme you would like to install, select the theme and press A or tap the theme.
  4. You can now either press Install or Download Only.
  5. Repeat for any additional themes you want to download.
  6. Exit the application by pressing the + button or pressing X followed by Exit Themezer-NX. This will install any themes you have queued for installation.
  7. Press + to install your themes.
  8. Press A to reboot.

Using NXThemesInstaller

What you need

  • The latest release of NXThemesInstaller.
  • A .nxtheme file, either from the internet or one you made yourself.
  • If you want to install custom fonts, the fonts you want to install in .ttf format.


  1. Copy the .nxtheme and/or .ttf file(s) to the themes folder on the root of your SD card, creating the folder if it does not exist.
  2. Open the Homebrew Menu and launch NXThemesInstaller.
    • If this is your first time launching NXThemesInstaller, you may be asked to extract the home menu and read some information. Continue until you reach the main screen.
  3. Navigate to Themes.
  4. Select a theme and press A to install it, or select multiple themes using Y and press A to install multiple themes at once.
  5. Reboot to see changes.


Crashing on boot after installing a theme

This means the theme is either outdated or broken. You can fix this by deleting the folder atmosphere/contents/0100000000001000 from your SD. Note: on Atmosphère 0.9.4 or lower, contents is called titles. If this fixes the issue, you can attempt to re-install the theme to see if the theme was broken or the crash was just because of a firmware update.

NXThemeInstaller crashes when you launch it

This is probably due to the archive bit being set on either the app or the nxthemes. This is usually the result of copying files to an sd card via a Mac. If you are experiencing this issue, try launching hekate and navigating to Tools -> Arch bit · RCM · Touch · Pkg1/2 -> Fix Archive Bit, then try again.