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Hacks Guide Wiki:Templates

From Hacks Guide Wiki




  • {{SystemVersion}} - provides the current system version for a given console
  • {{CodenameToName}} - converts a codename (e.g. ctr) to the public name (e.g. Nintendo 3DS)

Article boxes

Message boxes

  • {{System version outdated article}} - displays a warning on an article when a system update is released
  • {{Could brick}} - warning that the tool or guide could brick a device if performed incorrectly
  • {{Could ban}} - warning that the tool or guide could cause the console to be banned from online services
  • {{Outdated software}} - notice that the software described on the page is old and unsupported
  • {{Outdated}} - notice that the page is outdated (not to be confused with {{Outdated software}})
  • {{Disambig}} - for disambiguation pages (put at the bottom of the page)

Inline boxes

Meta templates (for custom text)

Meta template: {{inline box}}

Internal stuff