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Homebrew browser and updater
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Latest revision as of 01:00, 17 May 2024

Universal-Updater is a homebrew browser that supports installing and updating homebrew software. It connects to Universal-DB by default.


  • Browse homebrew applications and view information such as version number, release notes, screenshots and more.
  • Universal-Updater will automatically download, extract, rename, and place files for simple one click installation of apps.
  • Continue browsing while apps install and queue multiple downloads for batch installs.
  • Download directories can be customized for various file types to fit your setup.
  • Displays an indicator when a newer version of an application is available.
  • Sort and search for homebrew, or add markers to easily find your favorite homebrew apps.
  • Change UniStores to view different repositories such as TWiLight Menu++ skins or create your own.
  • Universal-Updater has support for over twenty languages.


OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg Universal-Updater is installed as part of Finalizing Setup on 3DS Hacks Guide. It is also on Universal-DB and automatically updates itself.

What You Need

  • FBI installed on your console


You can scan one of the QR codes below to download and install the program using FBI. To do this, start FBI, then go to "Remote Install", then "Scan QR Code".

QR codes for FBI

What You Need


  1. Insert your SD card into your computer
  2. Copy Universal-Updater.cia to the cias folder on your SD card
    • Create the folder if it does not exist; it is for organization purposes
  3. Insert your SD card into your console
  4. Power on your console
  5. Launch FBI
  6. Navigate to SD -> cias
  7. Press A while Universal-Updater.cia is selected, then select Install and delete CIA(s)
  8. Wait for the process to complete
  9. Exit FBI

What You Need


  1. Insert your SD card into your computer
  2. Copy Universal-Updater.3dsx to the 3ds folder on your SD card
  3. Insert your SD card into your console
  4. Power on your console


Main menu

  • Information icon: Browse homebrew apps using the directional controls and view screenshots or release notes by tapping the icons on the lower screen. Tap on the star icon to add markers to apps that can be used as a filter in search.
  • Download icon: View available downloads for the currently selected app. This menu is automatically displayed upon selecting an entry with the A button. An SD card icon indicates that the entry has been downloaded before. Tapping the SD card icon will tell Universal-Updater that that entry is no longer installed. (It will no longer show an update indicator.)
  • Queue icon: View the status of the current download(s). Some download entries will also need to be interacted with for optional install(s), indicated by "Action Required!" in the progress bar. Tapping the progress bar will switch it from displaying the progress of the entire installation to the progress of the current step of the installation.
  • Search icon: Search for apps by title, author, category, or console. Apply filters to your search from user added markers, or filter by apps that have new updates. You can add your search selection to the download queue to easily install many apps at once.
  • Sort icon: Sort entries by title, author, or last updated. You can also switch the sort order from ascending or descending, and change between a grid or list of apps.
  • Gear icon: Change various settings, view credits, or exit Universal-Updater.


  • Language: Change the language of Universal-Updater's menus from over twenty languages. There may even be a silly one, Bruh!
  • Select UniStore: Change the repository that Universal-Updater downloads from. Press start to manually update the currently highlighted UniStore. Tap the (+) to add more Unistores; select from the list, scan a QR code, or enter the URL of a UniStore to add your own.
  • Auto-update settings: Change whether Universal-Updater automatically updates itself and its UniStores. You can also have Universal-Updater use a nightly version for updates instead of stable releases.
  • GUI settings: Select if you want to use custom backgrounds of UniStores, or if you want to use a custom font, instead of the default system font. Select custom themes to use, more information here.
  • Directory settings: Change what directories certain files are placed in. You can also choose if 3dsx file are placed in a folder with their own name.
  • Credits: View the credits for the people who worked on the app. The current version of the app can be found in this screen.
  • Exit Universal-Updater: Closes Universal-Updater. This can also be done by pressing start in the main menu.

See also

Universal-Updater wiki on GitHub