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3DS:Seedminer/Mii mining

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Mii mining is a variant of Seedminer used to find a console's movable.sed without the console needing any internet access. This method is distinct from manual mining and should only be used if both the BFM service and manual mining are confirmed unusuable, as it is significantly more time-consuming.

OOjs UI icon information-warning.svg If the BruteforceMovable service fails with the error We were unable to successfully complete your bruteforce request. :`(, this method will also not work. Read this section of the main page for more information.


  • A computer with a dedicated GPU (graphics card) with Windows, macOS, or Linux installed.
    • Integrated graphics are extremely underpowered and are not recommended for this method even as a last resort. If you use them anyway, be aware that mining may take upwards of a day.


OOjs UI icon information-progressive.svg If you are on Linux, replace py -3 with python3 in all commands.

What you need

  • The latest release of Seedminer (the Seedminer .zip)
  • Any 3.x version of python installed
    • If you are on Linux, you likely already have Python 3. Check by opening a terminal and entering python3 -V - if this returns a version number, it will work for this guide.

Section I - Prep Work

In this section, you will set up Seedminer and obtain your console's files that are needed for mining.

  1. Extract the contents of the Seedminer .zip and move the folder inside it that matches your OS anywhere on your PC - this Seedminer folder will be where multiple other files are placed
  2. In the Seedminer folder, hold SHIFT and right-click anywhere in the folder's empty space, then click the option that opens a terminal, PowerShell, or Command Prompt
  3. In the opened window, enter the command py -3 -mpip install pycryptodomex - once it's done installing, keep the window open as you will need it later
    • If this command fails with the error No module named pip, you must manually install pip. The methods to do this can be found on this page.
  4. Turn your console on while the SD card is inside it
  5. Open the Mii Maker app
  6. Tap the QR Code/Image Options button.
  7. Tap Save Mii as QR Code.
  8. Select any Mii Character (make a new one first if you don't have any), and press OK.
  9. Turn the console off
  10. Put the console's SD card into your computer, navigate to the Nintendo 3DS folder on the SD, and copy the name of the 32-character-long folder directly inside
    • This folder, known as the ID0, is system-specific. Only one should be present - if you see multiple, follow these instructions.
    • Once you have the ID0, paste it into a document so you can reference it later
  11. Navigate to the DCIM folder on the SD
  12. Look for the QR Code, which will be a .JPG file
    • You may have many other files in here already if you use the Nintendo 3DS Camera app
  13. Copy this file to the Seedminer folder on your PC

Section II - Processing Mii QR and Mining

In this section, you will turn the Mii QR code into a usable file and mine movable.sed with it.

  1. Open the editMii website on your computer
  2. Click on "Import from...", then select "QR Code" and upload the Mii QR you copied to a safe place earlier
  3. Click on "Export to...", then select "encrypted (.bin)", this will download a file named input.bin
  4. Copy this input.bin to the Seedminer folder
  5. Open the terminal/PowerShell/Command Prompt window from earlier
  6. Inside this window, enter the command py -3 id0 <id0>
    • Replace <id0> with the ID0 you copied into a document
  7. Once it completes, enter the command py -3 mii <model> <year>
    • Replace <model> with the model of your console (new or old) - if you aren't sure, only models with the ZL/ZR buttons and C-Stick are new
    • Replace <year> with the year the 3DS was made (you often find this on the backplate) - leave this empty if you aren't sure, in which case it will start from the middle
    • If this fails with an error of input.bin is invalid size, remake the input.bin using your QR Code. If it still fails, open a different browser and remake the input.bin there.
    • If this fails with an error similar to ./bfcl: Permission denied, and you are on macOS or Linux, enter the command chmod +x bfcl and try again.
    • The mining process will usually take up to 90 minutes, depending on luck and your GPU's strength
  8. When it finishes, a file called movable.sed will appear in the Seedminer folder - use this in place of one obtained from BruteforceMovable

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