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Mod manager for LayeredFS & SaltySD
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ModMoon is a manager for LayeredFS/SaltySD mods for the 3DS. Because it supports LayeredFS, it can do mods for any title on the 3DS - including system software and homebrew. ModMoon is a successor to Smash Selectors.


  • Error Checking: ModMoon supports checking, displaying, and sometimes even automatically fixing errors when moving mods around.
  • Help Pop-up: At any time, you can press X while hovering over a button or in a menu to get some helpful information about that feature - what it is, how to use it, and helpful tips!
  • Title Selection Menu: Press Y to open this from any menu. Allows you to select the current game from your list of active titles.
  • Built-in SaltySD files: ModMoon contains a set of built in IPS files for SaltySD. These files will be copied when you select Smash from the Active Title Selection menu. (If Smash on an SD card was automatically selected for you, these files will also be copied automatically. If you have Smash on a cartridge, just tap it like you would any other title to trigger the copy.)
  • Background title loader: All titles, both active and non-active, installed on the system will be loaded immediately in the background, with no lag to the rest of the system.
  • Self-updater: If you're connected to the internet, ModMoon will check for updates for itself on launch. If an update is available, it will prompt you to either install it or skip it. To disable this function entirely, see the Configuration section.
  • Automatic SaltySD updater: ModMoon also checks for updates to the SaltySD IPS files used to run Smash mods, and can apply updates to them without rebooting.
  • Configurable Colors: ModMoon has a dark mode, and in the config file a user can change the highlighter colors used in each of the menus. See the Configuration section for how to do this.
  • Custom SaltySD: If you place a custom code.ips file within the /codes folder of a SaltySD modpack, ModMoon will automatically place it in the correct location. Note that LayeredFS mods allow you to add code.ips files by default, and this workaround is not needed for them.


With Universal-Updater

ModMoon is available on Universal-DB and can be installed and updated with Universal-Updater.


  1. Download the .3dsx or .cia from the latest release
  2. If you downloaded the .3dsx, copy this file to the 3ds folder on your SD card
  3. If you downloaded the .cia, copy this file to any place on your SD card and install it with FBI


Main Menu

  • Launch: Applies and launches mods for the selected game.
  • Tools: Opens up the tools menu, which provides access to more functionality.
  • Selector Bar: Changes the currently selected mod for the current game.

Tools Menu

  • Active Title Selection: This menu allows you to change the titles currently "active" (which titles are available in the title selection menu). This is to minimize clutter by only displaying the titles the user actually uses.
  • Smash Controls Modifier: Allows you to modify the controls of the game to a far larger degree than in-game settings allow - including mapping two buttons to the same action, changing the controls of the D-Pad, or changing the actions of the New 3DS buttons/C-Stick.
  • Tutorial: This replays the tutorial that was shown at the first start of ModMoon.
  • Migrate Mods: This allows you to migrate mods that were used in Smash Selector. This action is done automatically on first launch.
  • Dark/Light Mode: This option allows you to change between two "themes" - dark mode and light mode! To you dark theme master racers out there, this one is for you.


Config file

ModMoon's configuration file, found at /3ds/ModMoon/settings.txt, has multiple settings that are not configurable via its settings menu. The most notable of these are as follows:

  • ShouldDisableUpdater: When set to "True", disables the self-updater. This is not advised, but since ModMoon can be updated from the system using Universal-Updater as well, there is no harm in enabling this.
  • EnableFlexibleCartridgeSystem: When set to "True", enables an experimental system for detecting cartridge insertions/ejections in realtime. This is config-only because of a software issue that makes it take 30 seconds to exit ModMoon with this active. Once a solution to that issue is found, this will be universally enabled and removed from the config file.
  • HighlighterColors: Changes menu colors. For any menu - where * is the menu you want to change - write the red, blue and green values (in 0-255 format) separated by commas. Several tools can generate RGB values that are usable for this - if the one you choose offers multiple output formats, choose the rgb(*, *, *) format.

SD file layout