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3DS:Input redirection

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Input Redirection enables you to redirect your controller input directly into your console. All controllers are supported as long as you can connect them to your computer somehow. If you have multiple controllers connected, it will combine your inputs. To use this utility, you need to have CFW with Luma3DS on the latest version installed into your console.

What You Need


  1. Connect the controller you want to use with your console to your computer.
  2. Open InputRedirection-Qt after extracting it to a folder in your computer.
  3. In the IP Address field, input your device's local IP address.
  4. On your device, press L + D-PAD DOWN + SELECT to open Rosalina Menu.
    • This is the default configuration; if you have broken buttons, you may be using an alternate configuration that changes the key combination to X+Y or Y+B
  5. Navigate to Miscellaneous options....
  6. Select Start InputRedirection.
  7. Press B until you exit out of Rosalina Menu.
OOjs UI icon information-constructive.svg InputRedirection has been successfully setup!


It is not detecting my controller!

InputRedirection can only detect XInput, which is present in XBOX controllers. If you are not using an XBOX controller, you should use x360ce to use your controller.

My inputs are not working!

Try rebooting your device and InputRedirection-Qt as well. If the issue still persists, make sure your 3DS and computer are connected to the same internet connection and that you have a stable internet connection.

My issue is not listed here!

Join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord for more assistance.