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Advanced system restoration process
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A manual CTRTransfer is an advanced version of the CTRTransfer used to restore more parts of the system software. It uses the same CTRTransfer images as the regular version, and said images can be found on the CTRTransfer page.

OOjs UI icon information-destructive.svg This is an advanced process that should only be used when all other options are exhausted.
It can be destructive if done incorrectly, so use caution.
If you run into any issues or do not understand something, join the Nintendo Homebrew Discord server and ask, in English, for help.


What You Need

  Make absolute certain that the CTRTransfer image you use for this matches your console's original region. If you are at all unsure what your original region is, check your console's serial number against this page.
  • A CTRTransfer image from here that matches your model and region. This requires a torrent client such as qBittorrent or Deluge.
  • The manual_transfer.gm9 script.
    • (To download, right-click the link and select the option 'Save As', 'Save Target As', 'Save Link As', or similar.)

Section I - Manual CTRTransfer

  1. Power off the console, remove the SD card, and connect it to your computer
  2. If you do not already have GodMode9 on your SD card, take the time to get it now
  3. Once the CTRTransfer image is downloaded, place the CTRTransfer .bin and .bin.sha files in sd:/gm9/out
  4. Copy the manual_transfer.gm9 file you downloaded into sd:/gm9/out
  5. Put your SD card back into your console
  6. Power the console on while holding START
  7. You should boot into GodMode9. Once you do, locate [S:] SYSNAND VIRTUAL and select it with A
  8. Locate essential.exefs. Select it with A, then select Copy to 0:/gm9/out
  9. Once this is done, go back to the GodMode9 main window, then locate [0:] SDCARD and select it with A
  10. Locate the manual_transfer.gm9 file you put in sd:/gm9/out
  11. Select this file, then select Execute Script
  12. Wait for the script to complete
  The manual CTRTransfer has been completed.
  If this did not fix your issue, you may have a hardware issue or serious software issue that will require further attention. Need some help? Ask us on Discord: Nintendo Homebrew