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3DS:Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Difference between revisions

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Latest revision as of 04:33, 13 March 2024

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a simulation video game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the fourth mainline game in the Animal Crossing video game series.

Game-specific quirks

Sudden missing save in un-updated game

If a game with a save file for "Welcome Amiibo" is launched without the update, it may appear as if the save is missing. This can be resolved by installing the update.

When a save file is upgraded for the "Welcome Amiibo" update, the format of the data is also upgraded. The base game uses the garden.dat file, while "Welcome Amiibo" uses garden_plus.dat.

On an unmodified console, the HOME Menu blocks launching New Leaf if it detects that the save was updated and that the game update is not installed. However Luma3DS removes this check, so it is possible to launch an un-updated game with an upgraded save, leading to it thinking the save is missing because it can't find garden.dat.

2016 re-release

This game has a re-release in 2016 with the Welcome Amiibo content integrated into the base game. Gameplay-wise both are identical once the updates are installed, but this means that both have a different Title ID.

Title IDs of the old and new releases
Game region Original release
(green icon with white leaf)
Welcome Amiibo
(white icon with green leaf)
Icon for Animal Crossing: New leaf, showing a white leaf on a green background. Icon for Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo, showing a green leaf on a white background.
USA 0004000000086300 0004000000198E00
EUR 0004000000086400 0004000000198F00
JPN 0004000000086200 0004000000198D00


Hack name Features Notes
Welcome Luxury QoL hack, with various texture edits. Nearly all the features require the Welcome Amiibo standalone release (white icon with green leaf) and don't work with the original release with the update (green icon with white leaf).
Vapecord 3GX plugin with various cheats and features.


Tool Features Notes
Marc Robledo's ACNL Save Editor Web-based save editor. Can edit various things like the native fruit, player characters, villagers, locations of buildings, the shape of the island, and more.
LeafEdit 3DS-based save editor. Discontinued and not receiving updates.


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